The new requirements of participation for Behavioral Health and Dementia Care will be reviewed as triggered tasks with the new LTC survey process.

Access CMS Resources:

  • Dementia Care and Behavioral and Emotional Status Critical Element Pathways to be used by surveyors

Updated Focused Dementia Care Survey process resources now available on the National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care website:

Resident Questions Worksheet 2018 and Facility Questions Worksheet 2018.

As you prepare for survey, consider these factors:

  • How well are staff applying best practices for communication and engagement of residents during care?
  • Effectiveness of training and application of non-pharmacological approaches for behavioral health.
  • The use of meaningful stimulation and person centered activities.
  • Systems for promoting adequate sleep and sleep hygiene.
  • Are you using a recognized program or protocol as the basis for care provision?
  • Are you in compliance with behavioral health competency based training requirements?
  • How does QAA program monitor and ensure quality dementia care?

CMS Federal Oversight of State Agency Surveys
CMS released an Administrative Memo effective 1/8/18 announcing changes to the system for oversight of the State Agency surveys.
Resources and Support Surveys (RSS) will have a federal survey accompany state surveyors on annual and complaint surveys from January – April, 2018 as part of phase 1.

The focus of RSS will be:

  • Abuse & Neglect
  • Admission/Transfer/Discharge
  • Dementia Care

Phase 2 will implement comparative surveys from May-September, 2018 which will take place within 30 business days of a completed annual or complaint survey in which the state surveyor identified concerns in at least one of the focus areas. The comparative survey will be conducted by a federal surveyor with an independent investigation into the area(s) of concern.

The federal survey will NOT be a survey of record and there will be no 2567 issued UNLESS there is an identification of Immediate Jeopardy, Harm, or SSQC not identified by the state survey, in which case the 2567 would be issued with CMS enforcement remedies imposed as appropriate.

Proactive’s dementia care experts provide dementia care program assessment including care observations, train the trainer competency based staff development for dementia care and behavioral health, and QAA/QAPI consulting. We can assist your team in strengthening systems for person-centered care including effective care plan interventions for non-pharmacological approaches based on nationally recognized dementia care protocols.

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