Identifying Changes in Condition Competency Tool-Kit


This Tool-kit is intended to supplement or enhance current SNF/NF educational programs to meet the intent of the new requirements.


This Tool-kit includes Power Point Slides and a Lesson Plan/Instructor Guide for lecture purposes. This kit also includes 3 Case Studies with Instructor Guidance, Case Study worksheets for participants, a Return to Hospital Review tool, and a “Take Away” handout for participants. Competency can be evaluated through the use of the included pre- and post-tests and the Competency Evaluation form.

Tool-Kit Table of Contents

• Tool Kit Introduction & Overview
• Lesson Plan & Instructor Guide
• Power Point Slides Licensed Staff
• Power Point Slides Non-Licensed Staff
• Instructor Led Case Study Guidance 1-3
• Printable Case Studies 1-3
• Case Study Worksheet for Participants
• Return to Hospital Review Tool
• Participant “Take Away” Handout
• Competency Evaluation Form
• Pre-& Post-Tests
• Pre-&Post-Test Answer Keys

*Expires after 60 days.